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DREAM official website posted an interview with Ronaldo Jacare on Jun 23. The interview was taken place on Jun 16.
- Congratulations! What did you do after the fight?
I went to eat with my friends and I had fun. We had Korean dinner which was exotic and yummy.
- Your fight was one of the most exciting fight that night.
I noticed that fans were attracted to our fight. I got a lot of energy by being cheered by the fans. I hope they always support fighters and encourage like they did to us last night.
- What did you think about Jason Mayhem Miller?
He was a great fighter and I'm very honored to fight him. Our fight was like a war. I made a lot of mistake and need to prevent myself from making same mistakes next time.
- What mistakes did you make?
My reflection is I let him escape many times when I got advantageous positions; in addition, my stamina was almost out in the beginning of the 2R. I recovered as soon as I started to control the fight, but I need to improve my endurance before my next fight.
- What will you do until Sept?
At first, I go to see my fiancee in Sao Paulo.
- Are you engaged?
Yes. The final round will be a major turning point in my life as a fighter. I start very hard training within a month. I want to spend time with my fiancee and my family while I train next months; then I will concentrate to my training starting the middle of July.
- Who do you want to fight in the final round?
I will fight any fight that DREAM chooses.
- You were looking forward to fighting Sakuraba, yet he lost yesterday.
In MMA, a fighter who is defeated yesterday can beat the same guy next day, and conversely. Sakuraba is a legend whom fighters all over the world want to fight. Now, he needs a rest.
- You fight 2 times a day in the final round.
It must be tough. I cannot complain because all of us fight in the same condition.
- Have you fought twice a day?
Yes, I have not in an MMA event but in a Jujitsu tournament. I had 5 fights in a Jujitsu tournament before; as a result, I couldn't sleep at night because my body hurt after that tournament. I don't worry about fighting twice, for I usually recover quickly, and I am going to improve my endurance.
- Tell me your enthusiasm to the final round.
My next fight is very important. Fans can expect to see exciting fights. I believe I go back to Brazil with the belt of DREAM. I'm only one grappler in the finals, and I would like to prove myself and that Jujitsu is the best.

fonte: Sukimma e site do dream

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