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 Chute Boxe strong in Japan

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Usuário Lightweight

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MensagemAssunto: Chute Boxe strong in Japan   Qua Maio 07, 2008 7:58 pm

In spite of the end of Pride, Chute Boxe still keeps strong connections to Japan. Fabio Silva and Michael Costa signed contracts with Sengoku, and now promising youngster Junior Santos will soon be making his first appearance in a Japanese ring.

"We don't know in which event he will participate yet, but it will be decided between Sengoku and Pancrase," said coach Rudimar Fedrigo. "Junior has been training for a long time and turned out to be a real Chute Boxer. He has had very nice results in Boxe and MMA fights and has everything that is necessary to be one more among the athletes to show up in Japan. Our athletes always have fights over the whole planet. We have fighters with fights in Europe, North America, Asia. In short, we are doing a very good job, sowing in order to have fruits in 2008."

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Chute Boxe strong in Japan
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