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 Crocop fora do DREAM.5, Machucou o Cotovelo

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MensagemAssunto: Crocop fora do DREAM.5, Machucou o Cotovelo   Ter Jul 08, 2008 2:02 am

"Hello everyone,
unfortunately I have some bad news– I won't be fighting at DREAM 5 at all. I was about to face Jerome LeBanner but he decided to fight in K1 against Schilt. Mighty Mo was the alternative and I accepted this challenge, but unfortunately Mighty Mo pulled off from the fight. I was ready to face Mo, but maybe this scenario wasn't that bad for me at all and I'll tell you why.
I've been having problems with my right elbow for years and the injury got even worse over last 6 months. I'm already receiving a proper treatment but the recovery won't happen over night. The second problem is a knee injury, something that troubles me for quite a while. I had difficulties using my kicks and over last few weeks I focused more on boxing and grappling. I really wanted to fight on July 21 and I was even ignoring doctor's suggestions, but now I've rached the point from which I can't continue with my normal training regiment due to my injuries.
I was willing to accept the risk of fighting Mo or someone else without being 100% ready fo the fight. I had only one fight this year, I miss big fights and top level competition. I'm eager to get back to the big stage, I still have good fights left in me and I won't give up. I'm not happy with this outcome of course, but at this moment I need to be patient and give some time for my body to recover.
I'm scheduled for arthroscopy tomorrow morning, it's a minor surgical procedure but it will keep me away from MMA trainings for 2-3 weeks probably. From Wednesday I'll focus on my new cardio training program and we'll add MMA elements to my training regiment as soon as my knee will be ready for action.
My goal is to become the first heavyweight champion in DREAM and to do that I need to be ready to fight on September 23. I'm not interested in summer time, vacations or things like that; I'll focus on getting back to shape and hopefully I'll fight in September. I would really like to fight Alistair Overeem, we all know why and I won't let it go. My career is far from being over, I'll be fighting some strong competitors soon again and hopefully I'll meet Fedor in the ring once more in 2009.
Thank you for supporting me and I'll get back to you all soon to keep you updated."

Basicamente diz que iria enfrentar o LeBanner, mas este foi disputar o K1 e que o Mighty Mo seria o substituto mas desistiu de lutar. Ele se machucou em um treino em um local que, segundo ele, já havia um problema a alguns anos. Esta com a cirurgia marcada e vai ficar fora dos treinos por 2 ou 3 semanas.

fonte: (blog oficial do atleta)

lutar é sinceridade _'' conhece a ti mesmo''
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Usuário Heavyweight

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Crocop fora do DREAM.5, Machucou o Cotovelo   Qui Jul 10, 2008 9:07 pm

Que maré em Cro Cop, caramba.
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Crocop fora do DREAM.5, Machucou o Cotovelo
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